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An important part of this homepage is advertising. Because in essence, is already any reference to other brands or online stores advertising. As in the general case with many other projects as well, this site funded entirely by advertising.

Accordingly, I want to give the operators of online shops and manufacturers of tights, lingerie, women's clothes and shoes the opportunity to place their own advertising on my website. This benefits all. The shops or manufacturers because of the advertising, I for the contents and the visitors for the information.

The cost of advertising

Advertising costs generally money that is not too different here. There are various forms of advertising on this website.

On the one hand there are advertising through partner programs in which various shops participate. Various banners and model images are here on linked with the individual stores. Thus, for example, this image of KUNERT course is directly linked to the KUNERT online store.

On the other hand, there are backlinks within the different reviews. That each store (or manufacturer) has the opportunity to ask me test patterns. From the respective test reports out is linked directly in the shop and additionally linked via banner advertising.

New is the third variant: direct advertising
Interested shops can book their individual advertising from various possibilities. Request the current conditions by mail Conceivable are fixed image and banner links, text links and shopping cart links.

The high level of awareness, as well as the serious and sophisticated presentation of this website, in any case represent a solid base and are good prerequisites for a successful advertising.

Topics Near Advertising

But in order not to let the advertising space very drift off to into randomness, only closely-advertising is desired. That everything to the area Hosiery, Lingerie, Women's clothing, shoes counts etc., is possible. Outside of the theme there is just advertising for very good products.

Basket advertising

Because of the various inquiries that there are from time to time, a brief explanation of how this is regulated with shopping baskets. For general overviews and detail pages of different models partly a shopping basket will be displayed. About this basket takes you to an online store. For this purpose the link is randomly generated, depending on how many links are available in the database. Here are so far generally linked only partner programs.

This service is primarily used to shorten the visitors the way to her dream model. But I myself did not provide any shop at, that is, with me you can not buy anything.

The new advertising model described above now offers the possibility of a model-Link exclusively to subscribe to your shop to link, independently of any affiliate program. During the term of this link for other shops or partner programs is disabled.


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