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Based on questions I could find that the subject of clothing sizes raises questions over and over again. Many men who are concerned with the issue of new women's clothing, their personal greatness not know. All I can tell: that does not matter, because it is not always easy, as yet durchzublicken. However, this is generally so, and has nothing to do with women's clothing. Many manufacturers know each other even seemingly not even order from. And when foreign brands still happen, it is all over.

Direct Comparison

The following table gives an overview that shows a direct comparison. These values ??are just in the area unisex sizes prone to error because each manufacturer has his own ideas.

Unisex size simplified size Ladies size Men Size
XXS 2 36 -
XS 3 38 -
S 4 40 46
M 5 42 48
L 6 44 50
XL 7 46 52
XXL 8 48 54
XXXL 9 50 56

A tangle

As already indicated, there are just in unisex sizes significant deviations, which actually should be omitted. I usually have at Men Size 48, Size 5 and M, which is the women size 42.

In the field of underwear, for example, is Schiesser assume that the size 42 corresponds to the designation XL. M would therefore be reserved for the size 38. And so, the comparison and on.

Manufacturer of women's clothing are indeed respond that the unisex sizes for women are smaller and thus the size is 38 regarded as M, but then the question arises: but then why the name unisex, but if it is discriminated again?

In men's underwear (eg pajamas) Schiesser indicates, however, that the size corresponds to 50 M. Was probably nothing with unisex.

Foreign sizes

Even worse, when Italian or French sizes are added. A panty of Speidel, covering: EU 42, F 44, GB 16, I 48 who looks as through yet? Which reminds me the 48 but appear very exaggerated, and thus 46 would be correct.

Triumph, however, indicates: EU 42, F 44, GB 14, I 3 And so I could continue this overview will.

If on a product, a clothing size is specified, such as the example is the case with tights, then these differences must be scheduled with.

Observe the body

This of course both genders. It is not unusual when one at tops a size other than for example in a trouser has. Unfortunately, not everyone has a dream figure, so such differences are explained.

For men who want to put on women's clothing, this problem is given even stronger. Because they are just at the shoulders much wider than women, so a top part must be much larger or just cut differently. Even if I had in pants and skirts the size 42 in tops but rather 46

try on

Also the concerns again both sexes. It is clear without try nothing works. In business this is no problem, either online or by catalog is somewhat more involved. Here you should if necessary be two sizes come, for the case that you have no time for a re-order.

Different sections etc.

Add to this the fact that not every size is always equal fails. It would be desirable, but is itself at a manufacturer unfortunately not always the case. Therefore, adjust the size 42 once, when other model but 44 Ie you can not say in general: 'I have the size 42', here 'normally' is missing the extra, because it can only ever be a clue where to look first.


From the previous embodiments is therefore clearly seen that there is no fixed rule. The indicated sizes are always only a guide. Some information can also check off safely, as demonstrated by the example of Schiesser.


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