General Tips to pantyhose

Features details of tights

Often it is the little things that distinguishes a good tights from a less good tights. In many cases this can be true even at the price guess, but not always. Even expensive models can have sagging, as well as inexpensive stockings can certainly have their Highlighs.

The material of the pantyhose

The material should be soft, smooth, transparent and durable. You have to hand can drive into a pair of tights without having to get stuck in it. The same applies if you have to scratch again, because it just itches somewhere. A good tights survived this action without getting an equal ladder. A good Example of this is the Kunert Mystique 20.

The cuffs of the pantyhose

Normally, the cuff should be nice and wide, so that the load in the waist on as many stitches will be distributed. In addition, a good and durable seam is necessary so that the processed elastane yarns do not tear. If these details are not available, the cuffs wear out relatively quickly, and the pantyhose slips. The top section has no more support.

Particularly good solutions offers Hudson. For example, in the 'Life 15' or the 'Skin 10' has the particularly soft and cuddly cuffs a strain compensation. The cuffs keeps very well without cutting it. On the other hand, it can be greatly expanded so that even slightly thicker bellies find easily in place.

A different approach, for example, Wolford at the model 'Logic', in which a very narrow cuffs follows a transparent cuff section of the panty part, keyword: invisible cuffs.

Another example is Elbeo. In the 'soft zone' is seamlessly incorporated into the panty with a very wide cuffs.

The seams

Flat seams Oroblu - Lady Form

Here lies the difference in the simple, thicker seam and flat seam. The flat seam keeps much better, which becomes especially noticeable at the cuffs. Theoretically, a flat seam is not tight clothes through emerging (not bulky). Often, however, it has not necessarily to do with shallower, but only with wider seams. These are just as visible as simple seams also. But at least they keep better ...

However, the absolute optimum set this regard seamless models represents the Wolford - Fatal impressively proves this.

The top seam

Many high-quality models have a flat seam and at the toe. Simple press seams can very easily especially in tight shoes. Such flat seams are a little wider than simple circular welds and can make it visually a bit disturbing, but the comfort is much better. Particularly good tip seams are found at Falke and Kunert.

The gusset

Generally, the gusset is provided to improve the fit and movement, and to reduce the strains on the material and the seams.

Whether it (wedge, pointed, saddle gusset) are for the different forms gusset special benefits, I can not say exactly, because this, I lack the direct manufacturer information. Depending on how the gussets are sewn to the rest of the material, however, there are different strains. Sometimes here the first holes are already equal to 'built in' with. But still, each gusset is better than none.

For larger models (eg, intermediate variables) and some tights are also so-called comfort gusset present, which are pulled up to the band at the bottom. Some models let her gusset also end about 5 cm below the cuff - what ever that may be good.

But bad are very wide gusset, whose seam ends at the thighs and rubs. This flat seams are again at an advantage.

A special feature is still the cotton or silk gusset is - it should be air permeable than a nylon gusset. On the other hand, if you are wearing a microfiber panties made of polyamide, also makes the cotton gusset makes little sense.

Makes more sense, however, the opportunity to wear a pair of tights with cotton gusset without panties. Because the cotton gusset is also available for hygiene reasons. However, this would only make sense in principle, if the pantyhose is changed daily and washed. In any case, I would still use an additional panty liner.

Therefore: praiseworthy is a cotton gusset in any case, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Satin Sheers
Wolford - Neon 40

surface finish

How does that feel pantyhose on - soft, hard, scratchy or smooth? What can you expect from a pair of tights? Some models feel silky soft, but unfortunately only until they are stretched to the leg, then the silky touch is gone, eg Kunert Satin Look 20.

Or other models feel nice and smooth on the leg. The material of the skirt or pants can move unimpeded on the tights (very good wearing properties), eg Kunert Mystique 20. Simple models with blunt, crepe-like surface remain, however, depend on the lighter fabric. Context, there is the risk of nodule formation, eg 'nur die' Supersitz Color.


In microfiber tights yarns are used with particularly fine individual filaments. That a single thread consists of many extremely fine filaments. This ensteht a particularly soft, but also sensitive material.

The advantage of micro fiber is therefore in a particularly soft and supple wearing feeling, coupled with excellent heat retention. Micro fiber is therefore usually processed into high-quality, opaque tights for the winter.

The handle and to some extent the nature of microfiber also have the most models in which spandex in each course (3-dimensional processed spandex) is processed. For softness here comes the extreme elasticity in the longitudinal direction added. The comfort is unmatched good.

The carapace

For the comfort or other, it is not important and in some cases it might even interfere, because it scratches if necessary. It makes sense a carapace is yet. For thus it can be seen clearly, where is the back, which is especially important for non-deformed models. Because at least when you have worn and washed black pantyhose several times, could form on the heel first signs of wear. If these points would now be seen on the dorsum of the foot, this would spoil the appearance considerably.

Another advantage is the unique identification of the model. One always knows what tights to dress straight. Especially if you are carrying a lot of different tights, a unique assignment is very important, for example, if you just want to buy more of this model and it has already disposed of the packaging, or if you are looking for a particular model.


Toe reinforcements

For open shoes, it makes sense for reasons of appearance, if the toe reinforcement is pretty transparent. This just looks better. A peak gain is but definitely makes sense to keep laddering, as might emanate from the top seam, sure - just invisible it should be.

The top section

This is also an optical aspect, in the first place. An 'old-fashioned', traditional panties enhancement is a durable and even warm slightly better, but it does not look particularly good. A good compromise between traditional and rimless, the sometimes ornate slip forms dar. Important rimless tights is especially when a lot of leg to be shown. Imagine once a figure skater with a conventional panties gain before ...

Laddering protection

A good example is laddering protection a reinforcement. The problem is always a compromise between appearance and function. In the field of panties seams a one to two inches wide gain is certainly not interfere. Nor a widened edge grip on the cuff. Are more problematic since even the toes. However, some manufacturers (eg Kunert) nevertheless show that an (almost) invisible reinforced toes and a good run mesh protection are not mutually exclusive.

Laddering security

Of course, a tights should hold as long as possible. Many high-quality models can also be worn without any problems for months. Nevertheless, there are runproof safe stockings. There are two techniques: the thermal fusion of the individual meshes with each other, or the knotting of each mesh. The legendary pioneer is the Kunert Chinchillan.

color constancy

In Wolford she is exemplary, gruesome at Levee - color consistency dark tights. The dyeing process is one of the points at which the chaff from the wheat. Since you have possibly a great pantyhose: nice and soft and tender, but covered with light and dark stripes. Here the appearance is destroyed. Only from a distance are those stockings handsomely.

The color consistency is related to the number of stockings, which are colored at the same time in one step. Since this is time-consuming (and therefore costly), a very good color constancy in the lower price segment is rather rare.


Of course, one does not pick up the package and saw therefore this point is actually nonsensical. It has its place but, because many pantyhose get their first damage already in the packaging. Particularly suitable are the smaller cardboard boxes that need to be broken to open. Hardly a pantyhose survives this ordeal unscathed.

Furthermore, a good packaging also be used for assorted storage after wearing or after washing. Then never asks the question: 'what was that again for a pair of tights?'.

special functions

There are also tights with moisturizing additives or other special functions. This can, for example, be treated with aloe vera or jojoba to nurture the legs. Another option are special freshness fibers to cooling and antibacterial force this summer. Still others pantyhose should contain active ingredients against cellulitis. So there are a number of ways ...


A really good pantyhose is not necessarily cheap. It is characterized by a large number of properties previously shown. However, such a model is quite inexpensive because it holds up better, looks better, wears better ...

However, the model now has these featured properties? The following overview to assist in the search. But one thing first: There are few models that come close to the perfect tights zoom. The highest possible score in my reviews but give the direction.


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