General Tips to pantyhose

Execution of a tights - tights is not the same tights!

The differences in quality tights are sometimes enormous. When possible price ranges from 0.5 ... 30 euros but this is not surprising. In addition to the brand name but above all amenities available in the price reflect. Examples are different variants of tights called like: LYCRA® satin sheers, microfiber, spandex, etc.

Standard tights

This includes all simple tights with elastane content of 5% (better than nothing). You have a simple, matte appearance - usually without gloss or other special features.

Although these tights are manufactured without spandex, but they are (usually) relatively elastic. This is done by Ripple (texturing) of the yarn, ie the formerly smooth thread receives a bulky structure. This Kräuselfaden is elastic and soft. Mesh size receives a crepe-like surface structure. Typical manufacturers of these (mostly soft) tights is 'nur die'.

Silky shiny pantyhose

Silky shiny tights are often referred to as LYCRA® Satin Sheers. However, the corresponding logo is depicted on hosiery packaging, although the stockings are not silky smooth. Therefore, to distinguish between 'silky smooth', 'matte' and 'mirror' or 'transparent glossy'.

The standard version (silky smooth) has a very dense mesh structure and therefore acts thicker than specified. It shines so much like silk and looks very elegant. This braided polyamide elastane yarn is used. The gloss gets the tights by the special surface structure of the yarn.

The glossy version is very transparent and delicate. Your gloss looks more metallic and is similar in bright lingerie made of silk. The transparent high-gloss tights also have the advantage that they are almost completely invisible depending on the lighting, on the other hand also shine particularly nice. The elastane yarn with high gloss models normally 'naked', so do not wound, used.

It is difficult to describe the different gloss effect as it really looks like. Let's put it this way: The standard version has a brilliant, silky effect, while the transparent variant shows a rather specular effect
examples of the two versions are the following tights from Kunert.:

  • Silky glossy: Satin Look
  • gloss: Transparence

The third variant, matte, has a particularly noble appearance. The gentle luster is not always visible. The sock itself is usually relatively transparent, but opaque soft. An ideal stocking ie for all, especially the visually beautiful legs, a too strong all-but want to avoid.

In general it can be said in any case, that bright stockings more shine as darker.

Particularly strong shiny pantyhose

A special fiber cross-section (Trilobal yarns) incur particularly highly reflective yarns. An example of such a pair of tights is the Rogo Metallic Dream.

Tights with 'Bronzing' effect - summer tights

Just when things get a bit more formal, then a woman in the summer should not dispense with a pantyhose or stockings. At high temperatures, particularly light and delicate models are therefore required.

Of course, the optics should it also not be neglected. To this end, there are tights with the so-called 'Bronzing' effect - a slight browning effect that conjures a subtle addition, irresistibly subtle sheen on the leg.

Most of these models are virtually invisible, that is, there is no directly visible reinforcements. Optical seen and in terms of comfort, these models are of high quality. Pantyhose Examples of this are available from Oroblu and Falke

Knee socks for example, there of Joop!

Slightly shiny pantyhose

Wi As already indicated, does not shine any tights equally strong. There are also models that shine a little less. Only in direct radiation falls on these subtle shine. These tights are especially good for men who like to wear a quality tights clearly visible, but is not immediately obvious. Most of these models have the suffix 'Matt' in the description, although still the LYCRA® may be satin sheers printed logo.


Wellness pantyhose

Again, there are two different versions (at least these are offered under the name):

  • One type has different support areas. That is, depending on the leg zone varying degrees of elastane shares are woven. Here, for example, the thigh massaged more than the calf. These tights often also bear the label LYCRA® LegCare. The most widespread form of wellness tights, these with care substances dar. Here the tights with a special is 'Aloe vera extract' treated. Completely new is the use of jojoba.

The yarn takes on the substance into itself. It is then re-treated, but the exact method is a well-kept secret by the manufacturers. These tights are to maintain the legs during wear. And indeed, these tights feel slightly creamed and smell pleasant. They are also very soft! The durability of care action are 'Kunert' with up to 7 washes on. But the softness is maintained. But in my own experience the scent disappears after the first wash (at least for cheaper tights). Here one should not expect too much you.

Post-treatment (eg lotion itself) does not help and it is also discouraged.


The term spa comes from America and was created as a combination of the words Well-being and fit-ness. So feel good and fit is the purpose of stocking series. Or in other words: The right tights can significantly help to feel all day well, although one may exert a standing job. Or, if no one else a pampered, then at least one suitable tights are available ... It has never been so easy to indulge in pantyhose.

These are also known as LYCRA® LegCare tights.

other wellness variants

Meanwhile, there are also tights, which should have a deodorizing effect (keyword: menthol).

Another novelty is the anti cellulite pantyhose of Elbeo. According to a review of Stiwa (04/2003) have sooner or later to do about 80% of women with cellulite. However, against the Dell education of female skin is (still) no cure. None of the agents tested showed a significant effect. Why this should be any different just with the tights of Elbeo, written in the stars.

Patterned tights

Well, as the name suggests, is where all possible patterns are represented. From the simple dots and fishnet pantyhose to extravagant lace patterns.

If you like it, you can decorate your legs with the most amazing patterns. The imagination really are no limits.

Particularly appealing is, for example, (see picture) the use of a net tights over a solid color tights.

Opaque tights

This includes all tights 40 den, and more. They are available as pure nylon version as well as a high percentage of cotton. Up to 80% cotton content are available and also comfortable to wear.

In addition, there is the knitting pantyhose. They have more or less thick ribs and are cozy and warm. Under a pair of pants but that might be too much fast.

Shaping tights

Under the name of Soft Shaping this tights are available. It is to tights that shape the figure gently. There are at least two versions on the market: the belly and the tummy tights. As the name implies, on the one hand, a flat stomach, and on the other hand formed a round butt.

Support tights

For this variant, I have a extra page set. It is important to emphasize here is that that's not the compression tights from the pharmacy are meant.

Non-slip tights

For open-back shoes are available now in the new pantyhose with a non-slip sole. Here, similar to the ABS socks, silicone (?) mounted under the sole of the foot knobs. These products were sometimes available, for example, from Hudson and Wolford.

more models

On the market are also finding tights, for example, are specifically designed for use under long pants. Of this there was once a model of Oroblu for the price of about 12 €. Whether it is however necessary to buy such Pantyhose may be undecided. And why to hide a pair of tights for the price under a long pants, I can not quite understand.

A new version are the hip pantyhose. Here, the navel-free mode is operated. Interestingly, this variant could also be for men with belly. Where there is nothing more, even slip can or cut anything.

Veneziana zehenfreie Strumpfhose, von Funnylegs

open toe pantyhose

A lady once asked me about free pantyhose toes. When I asked their reasons for open toe stockings, she gave the aesthetics / optics in combination with open shoes.

Just for this, there are models with transparent peak gain. A thick peak gain even now does not look particularly nice, and on this point I have to give it absolutely right. Although, others also see a delicate (visible) peak gain as erotic.

But what about the ribbon between the toes, which hold the stockings - do not interfere? I do not know. Maybe someone here can indeed make experiences ...

Such 'Toeless' models available, eg from Wolford, Falke, and Levee.

Speaking of optics: How it fits together, that the model 20 'toeless' is? At the toe of the pantyhose should not be visible. But what about the relatively dense 20 the material? Seen at Wolford.

dance tights

Among the situations that require especially durable tights, include, for example Ballet and Dance Sports on the stage or on the ice. For this purpose there are special collections, for example, of Danskin.

Tights without feet

Leggings (leggings) are called these variants. With the exception that the base parts missing, all features are otherwise similar. The disadvantage of leggings, though, is that you get cold feet quickly, unless this effect is intentional.

Other special tights

In addition, there are many other designs that go mostly already in the direction of special lingerie. In relevant catalogs and shops a lot to find it. Representing this, you could list the suspender tights or crotchless pantyhose. When suspender tights the suspenders are directly connected with the stockings. An extra garter belt is not necessary.

In crotchless pantyhose is, however, a tights, in which only the gusset missing in step therefore is open. These tights are of course ideal in relation to fresh air.

Comori Acero Netz Bodystocking, von Funnylegs

Bodystocking tights

Also called Catsuits or Bodystockings, Pantyhose and body are in one. So a 'tights' from the toes to the shoulders or arms. The wearing of such 'tights' can be described as 'interesting', but the size has to be right, which is difficult with the unit sizes generally offered.

Bodystockings are available with or without foot, and with or without armrests. just as there are versions with openings on the abdomen or back. As is seen easily in Funnylegs, the offer or the selection of different designs and patterns is huge.

LYCRA® is a brand of INVISTA


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