Recommended pantyhose and stockings

Many women (and men) at the most only a certain tights or stockings because they are satisfied with the model of a mark or do not want to take the risk of the unknown.

In many cases, also holds the idea 'all tights are the same - what then change'. Or, if all the same, then I can also buy cheapest models. Instead of having to go to a shop and consult, order the 10-pack is purchased in the supermarket. I think, however, for wasting and goes to their own needs but actually over. Well, even a counseling can sometimes go wrong, but that's no reason to buy cheap junk. Greed is so not cool, on the contrary ...

A good advice is very important and useful ...

... and therefore is my first piece of advice: go to a shop. Usually the sellers are there well trained and their range should actually know in order to respond to the needs of the customer or the customer can..

Something else that is at online stores. Here is a consultation only by phone or mail possible, which somewhat complicates the matter. One can be requested at manufacturers on the other hand save. To fall to competent staff, is not so easy, if you ever get an answer.


Even good reviews do not replace individual advice, they may for a first pre-selection but be very helpful. Here you can find information about little details and look for the corresponding models out their own ideas. Perhaps the ideal tights is already in the list there. There are currently more than 550 tested tights and stockings to choose from.

The advantage of my reviews is especially of that I am not tied to any manufacturer and therefore no certain brand prefer - even if this was me occasionally assumed. If there is a deficiency or a highlight, then he is also shown.

Bellissima - Elite
Bellissima - Elite 40

Split are the reviews in the areas of pantyhose and stockings.

The pantyhose area is further divided into individual price ranges. When you buy expensive or cheap products anyway never, then you need not look up there. On the other hand also allows examining the good that many inexpensive model can be better than a model of a luxury brand. It is also apparent that very cheap models usually are simply better rags.

The stockings area is made between stockings, nylons, knee socks, etc.

The 'best' model stands in the following tables at the top. Of course, my results may differ from your individually perceived impressions. What I find important, you may find more important, etc., but the results remain comparable with each other yet. So everyone has their own preferred model can search out and eg order in the linked shops.

Since my test results, of course, depend upon a certain 'form on the day', it may well also be variations of one or two points. I'm just only human, which is not free of errors.

Order directly

As a special service appears a shopping basket with most test reports. This is a direct link to the online shop, which has donated this model. If you like a review and you might be interested in this product, I would ask you to use this link for your purchase. You will thus help to direct that the reviews remain relevant in the future. Thank you!

General Overview

In addition to test reports is still a general selection of tights and stockings available. Here more than 1000 models are now available. Through the use of filtering can restrict the search for specific models. About the Shopping Cart also usually present you can easily get to a shop that has the desired model in the range or had.

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Valuation adjustments

Sometimes it also happens that I re-evaluated a model subsequently. This then is related to the fact that I then just wear this model daily. All the reviews are based on a gestation period of usually 30-90 minutes depending on the time you wish. For a first impression, which is usually also true that normally is also sufficient. About worn all day, the result can be slightly different. This is of course also be considered in your own reflections and experience.


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