Men in tights

Pantyhose and stockings have always had a very special appeal for men. Every woman seems to be even more beautiful when she wears a pantyhose to a rock. In this regard, most men are to provide easily satisfied. One leg in fine stockings attracts attention like a magnet and sure to capture the viewer's heart beat faster.

For many men inevitably also developed the desire to become better acquainted with this fascinating garment itself and. That it develops the unconditional desire to feel this fine material not only between the fingers, but also to its own legs. At the first available opportunity a pantyhose is eg taken of the partner and tightened. From this point on it is done by one. ...

Every day a pantyhose

For me, socks, tights, stockings have become an integral part of my wardrobe - they are simply part of. I do not want to miss the feel, the optics and the practical use of various material thicknesses.

But this is rather the exception. Unfortunately, many men do not dare yet to live up to their liking. Therefore, I would like to give a little 'help' to bring some 'normality' in the subject. There is no reason to be ashamed because of this tendency. These pages will show you how myself and many of my visitors interact with their pantyhose.

A pantyhose for your own well-being

Due to the high comfort and the special feeling wearing a pantyhose significantly to their own well-being. And thus should every man who wonders if he really must put a pantyhose, be aware about the following: only myself and my own well-being are important! And, it is only a piece of clothing that is personal for me but important. So I prefer to also because I want to feel comfortable.

No tights

Of course there are very many men, and that might be the majority, reject the tights for themselves. They would not get the idea to put on its own pantyhose. Because what you do not know, you do not try. When from outside, e.g., of the partner, no animation takes place, these men will never put tights.

To help out the temptation of a little, I have a few provocative thoughts on a another page listed. Maybe arise by yes a few points for discussion, for example, the partner to could cause something to help.

Effect of pantyhose on men

Originally, the tights was only for women. She was and is a practical development of the former nylons. Delicate stockings adorned delicate woman's legs. The first tights were indeed popular because they promised last more freedom and security, visually and materially seen, but they could not compete with the 'old fashioned' nylons. Only the invention of the miniskirt brought the big breakthrough for the tights, the panties part was soon clear. There were, for example, an advertisement Bellinda the extra pointed out: 'A man to his wife: You've still got no pantyhose on ...'.

Many men mourned the nylons but after, because this ended up where their fantasies began. Gone were stripped by hand wide thigh. But the fascination with the sight of ladies legs in sheer nylons continued to exist. Men literally fly on nylons. Unfortunately, this fact is underestimated by many women.

On the one hand, because a woman in tights is perceived as particularly attractive. Used skillfully, every man a lady is delivered in nylons somehow. He has said nothing to oppose.

On the other hand, there is also the danger of underestimating the optical effect when the outfit very daring fails. The wearer Quick is filed in a drawer, even though they may not want.

Appeal of tights on men

Fascinated by the delicate material and the visual appeal a tights, comes in many men necessarily desire, so to attract some even once. If only there would not be the fear of what if someone sees me? I fear that many of our contemporaries have stopped here. Fascinated by a pantyhose yes, but don? The blockage in the head is often too large.

Those who have overcome this first hurdle, or for which there has never existed a fear generally find a very great pleasure in pantyhose. There was in my many mails certainly once a man who had really once inserted a pause longer wear, but is now back 'backslide' become. That I can say that no man who himself has attracted a tights and love the wearing feeling was, ever will drain away again. For unique and fascinating are the advantages offered by a pair of tights. From wearing ago to mention, because this leaves no one cold.

Men eventually freeze well ...

Except Machos ... at least give it not to. The shovel in winter also in the T-Shirt snow or scrape the car for the woman free of ice. And if they're cold, because then the thick, misshapen green army monster is used: the long johns. Who had to experience this part, it usually takes only one use: as cleaning rags. Thickness, beaded cuffs and seams on leg and abdomen, which scoured everywhere and oppressed. An opaque microfiber tights would have been a better choice.

Afterall, are pantyhose in any thickness ideal under normal pants. Cold legs are 'old hat', warmth and comfort are called for, however.

With wimp, gay or any other nonsense that has nothing to do - on the contrary: with reason! It breaks with no security 'a tad from the crown', merely because he attracts a tights. It is therefore not the same as his wife. At issue here is warm legs, one's own well-being!

Tights are certainly also much more practical, more comfortable and look better!

By now it should be obvious to a neat and freezing man to wear tights. They can be found in almost any thickness and execution. This ensures everyone will find a suitable model - even for the military service ;-)

Meanwhile, even special tights for men available in different online stores. Here are a few useful models are sometimes even even including - a start.

Mr. Tights

Thickness knit tights are also available for the man's leg - better than nothing when it's really cold outside. But if I imagine, with a thick knit tights and jeans to sit in the office and to sweat - no thanks. Here the tights is just right. It is very comfortable, do not bother and pleasantly warm without overdoing the same.

Then there's the wonderful feeling that produces a tights on your own leg. And finally, who says that tender must be taboo for men? So, I do like to indulge a little, and if it's just from my tights. Accordingly, I have in the winter every day tights or stockings under my pants on. Even in the summer when it's too hot and too cold in a short pants of trousers, then helps next tights.

Following this principle, there was in the meantime various men's tights from Gerbe - from opaque to transparent ...

Other pages on this topic

The topic 'Men and pantyhose' is too extensive to present it on a single page can. There are just too many different areas and starting points on this topic.

I would like to show that the 'man in tights' not a strange phenomenon or joke is, but it is modern and open-minded. The reasons and experiences depicted are interesting not only for men and interested (or concerned) women, but they can be useful for manufacturers. After reading these pages, you will certainly find that men who likes to dress tights, their normal, everyday reasons for this have, as every woman also. There is absolutely nothing abnormal in mind, even if it initially may seem a little unusual. But read for yourself and form your own opinion:

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Another aspect is a well-groomed appearance

What could be seen a man wearing pantyhose, but this does not show open?
For example, to his well-groomed appearance, very special on his hands. What looks for in a man or in general and women, from impossible? Correct - unkempt, dirty hands with black circles under his nails, which may have even broken or chewed.

For a man who wears tights, is something inconceivable. The fear to take a run when tightening a pair of tights is much too large. Against this only helps a good manicure.

... and a well-groomed appearance is also better for the women to ...


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