There are usually one to four updates per month. But not every update is as current state is entered (eg the smallest changes or error corrections). On the basis of the date (on bottom of each page) but you can see how up to date is a single page.

It can not be changed every single page also listed, because the effort would be too great. To understand this practice, I once listed a few statistics:

  • over 1000 individual pages
    of which approximately 350 Review and summary pages, 150 general pages, 300 topics pages
  • created with the help of more than 1200 js and php files
  • adds up to more than 7000 files

And all that is rising. So you see, there lies a whole lot of work involved ...

Browser navigation

For this website is a current browsers should be used, the HTML 5 and CSS 3 can implement. If set, an active JavaScript is required for navigation.

Screen resolution

With theactual design it is possible to adapt the design to any monitor size. Only for very wide monitors the display has been limited.


Be used in the actual version for the menu and change the layout.


Sure, web design is a matter of taste. This reflects the different sites also differ from each other significantly. But it is always important that the design fit the theme and should be combined with a good readability and navigation.

Since I learn something new, so there will be slight corrections from time to time. But Should you have display errors, then I would appreciate a short note very. Finally, it is not always easy to keep several hundred pages 'in excess'.

Particularly complicated it was through the use of mobile devices. The design is therefore designed so that it is continuously adjustable. For this, however, the use of JavaScript is essential.


All images not created yourself have been made ??available via partner programs or directly from the manufacturers or stores for use.

foreign brands

Without mention of the various brands this website would be meaningless or extremely difficult to read. Instead of 'Kunert' course I could write 'Allgšu brand' or 'Immenstšdter brand', but now let's be honest: that just does not make sense. Also, yes I do with it also advertising for the brands and for free. So I see the mention of the brands nor a violation of trademark rights, but as absolutely necessary.

From individual manufacturers and material was made ??especially for this homepage. If there are changes to logos or other in the course of time, then enough a short email with the new information, and I will change the corresponding part.

What is not understandable, however, these are beyond threats of legal action if I do not remove or change certain pages or content. Hello, I am a person who can talk with me!

Search engine text compositions

As already done so, set the various search engines their description texts together according to the search terms. This text passages can be taken out of context and remixed. In such passages I have no influence.

That misleading descriptions of the search engines are responsible or the users who can control through their choice of search terms the behavior of the search engines.

External Links

Be to give a good overview of the topic tights A special point of this homepage is. Furthermore pantyhose lovers can selected links to other good websites see, will not have to use a search engine.
At least until a few years ago had search engines namely the disadvantage that, although many results have been displayed, the contents of which had nothing to do with the topic.

If the respective owner of any linked site have something against the publication on my site, then he would write me a mail so I can remove the link.

Just to remind you, to meet the legal side:
For links on this page, which lead to external pages, no responsibility can be assumed. Solely the owners are responsible for the content of these pages. These foreign contents are not part of my homepage. This is also already in mind to realize that they are opened in a new window. The third party sites are not open automatically, ie every visitor starts knowingly, by clicking on the link, the new page.

Furthermore, it is not possible to check all the pages of any linked website on content. This is particularly true of links originating from the foreign website. At the time of the takeover, although I have most of the pages 'flown', but subsequent changes I can not judge, as long as I do not know them.

If someone on the linked sites extreme disturbances through advertising, find adult, political or even criminal content, then he wants me this please immediately notify so I can remove the link.


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