The fascination of tights

The tights, the ideal make-up for beautiful legs ...

There are many beautiful legs that look really good. Slightly age-toned, smooth and well-formed. Nevertheless, these legs look even more beautiful and perfect by a pantyhose. Every little bump can be resolved with a pantyhose tender. Are particularly recommended for those pretty legs the very delicate models with a maximum of 10 Den. They caress the leg particularly tender and easily.

When in the spring of the first rays of the skirts elicits, then the grand entrance of the tights is announced. With tights, you are one step ahead of nature, without having to scramble to use before the tanning or sunless tanning. Thus tights is the perfect make-up for beautiful legs.

The special feeling of tights

For me it is especially nice to feel a tights on my legs and can pet them. It's just a good feeling when the delicate material wrapped my legs.

For me, a sheer pantyhose has the great advantage that I can wear almost all year round. Depending on the temperature, I prefer different on thick tights. Add to this the possibility of combination comes with long and short pants. It is interesting for me as a man, a tights to wear with shorts also openly visible. In addition to the great combination of feeling, such as when the wind blows around the legs, this is still the feeling of the new addition, because there is not just to see a lot of men in tights.

Why a tights?

I'm early, come to the tights during my adolescence. Since then, the fascination with the delicate material I just did not let go. First there was the curiosity and fascination. However, it has taken too much until I came to the conclusion that it actually is but normal that I, as a man withal tights. What should there already be doing? As long as I feel comfortable doing ...

What type of tights I wear?

In principle, I actually put on (almost) all types of pantyhose. Extravagant patterned models, however, I prefer to just out of curiosity or for testing purposes. In normal everyday life, I would not really want to wear this. Therefore almost exclusively monochrome models come into play.

If I wear a nice, only slightly shiny pantyhose in plain sight, then this falls almost hardly noticeable. If I, for example, but would combine with a fishnet pantyhose, then should probably not take long for reactions. And it need not be so. I want to feel comfortable and do not necessarily stand out.

I prefer a patterned tights only under a long pants, then this is indeed a visual extravagance, but no one minds because nobody can see it.

What are the tights?

There are many different types of pantyhose. Starting with the simple 'crepe' tights, elegant satin sheers, to the extravagantly patterned tights. In between, there are many different types, shapes and colors.

Use the following links you will find descriptions of the various styles. This is more than clear that no tights is like the other. There are many variants and thus also much to discover:

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