The hosiery (Stockings, hold ups)

An interesting alternative to tights

A special visual treat is a panty. By a pretty leg of the pantyhose comes in conjunction with a mini dress or skirt (or a dress / skirt with a high slit) to their best advantage.

The tights are available in different versions:

  • 'simple' stockings in conjunction with garter belts (suspenders)
  • hold ups (Stayup)

However, in this area also still fall

  • Knee-highs and
  • Ankle socks.

In the hold-up tights a lovely lace top (garter) dominates the leg. These stockings are protected by silicone edges in front of slipping.

The 'simple' stocking is held by sexy garters and thus acts particularly sexy.

Wearing comfort of hold ups

In stockings has a completely different feel compared to wearing tights. On the one hand missing something (warming), on the other hand, the combination of long stockings, garter and pressure of the 'optimal' ventilation 'a special charm. Here the personal taste plays a decisive role. In terms of optics stockings are naturally charming and preferable to the tights.

An important criterion for an optimal comfort is next to the correct fit the type and design of the final edge. Here there is not only narrow or wide margins, and the nature of the silicone pad are very different. Besides various forms of varying the thickness of the silicon border. If the pad is too thin, then it is indeed permeable to air but also prone to fold.

The hold-up tights - also suitable for men?

... why not. From feedback received, I know that stockings are worn by men very much. One must not necessarily choose particularly feminine leg ends, if you have any doubts. A good example of discreet stocking statements represent eg. Kunert - legs care.

My own experiences are almost always positive. After initial skepticism, I am now also become a fan of stockings and can only recommend this. They are very practical and appealing. Especially in the summer they have over tights some advantages ... The stockings belong with me now simply part and do not want to miss it.

But I can imagine that hold ups are only suitable if the leg hair away were me. With hair, it could either tweet constantly, or the stockings slide. You can test this and I will not because my legs are depilated and this should remain so.

Meanwhile, there are also thigh high stockings for men. Again, the Americans are once again one step ahead. With the models A1009 (70 Den) and A1010 (40 Den) of ActivSkin two hold ups especially for men in the program.

Advantages over a pair of tights

In addition to the optics, there are other practical considerations that speak for stockings.

  • better ventilation of the intimate area
  • fast times 'below without'
  • any time on or extendable
  • Interchangeability / replacement

The first two points do you actually need not to comment further. Only the second point to be considered when not stockings to the correct sequence when tightening: stockings - suspender - panties. Otherwise, the fumbling goes with the eyes only go once.

The third point I make, for example, me following prior situation. In the summer, it will quickly cool evening: I just wear shorts and am traveling by car. What to do? The pants off, pantyhose, pants back over it ... a bit cumbersome. It is much easier because if I only need to put the stockings. The reverse is of course just yet, I myself have often practiced.

This possibility, at any time to take off your socks when needed, is what I consider the crucial advantage of stockings.

Another advantage is present in the transitional period winter-spring. The mornings are still cold, but rather warm afternoon. The stockings I could take off easily in spite of jeans, and replace it with knee highs, without having to take off your pants. With tights that would not have been possible.

The fourth point is not to be despised. The Horror par excellence: a run has pulled itself. A pantyhose throwing away completely. Stockings on the other hand, one can replace individually if you have a second, identical pair in stock. In Wolford therefore you generally recommends to buy two identical pairs.

Disadvantages of hold up stockings

Usually there is no advantage without disadvantage. By 'better ventilation' it may be too cold, unfortunately, quickly. Another disadvantage arises from time to time by the garters: they can irritate the skin something or uncovered areas of skin may be irritated by the pants (jeans). - And, they are more expensive ...

What we need to consider?

When the use of hold up stockings, one should also note:
The legs should not be creamed in the garters. Care is good and important, but it is nonetheless useful to briefly wet wash before wearing the thigh, so that the silicone "stick" in accordance with good leg remains.

Can hold up slip?

Yes, you can often read in forums that Halterlose slip. According to my own experience, but this is due to mishandling (too greasy) or in the wrong size (too large).

In many mountain hikes I have no tights, but hold ups worn for short pants. A major stress test for the silicon strip garters I can not imagine. Despite hours of up and down, with all the attendant shock, my stockings are not an inch slipped - they have kept perfect!

However, there are women who use to stockings still a garter. But this should be kept in mind that the most relatively thick garter will probably destroy a retaining clip or will not even fit. In this case, I would personally prefer to wear a simple nylon stocking with suspender. Because this is cheaper and without potentially disturbing silicone. So if already suspenders, then stockings. Nevertheless, I have given in to my new database based test reports when a garter belt is thin enough that it can be necessary, also attached suspenders.

Quality of stockings

In terms of quality and features, there are big differences here as well as with the tights. From standard on seam and silky gloss to a wide variety of patterns, everything's possible.

What a ideal hosiery mind, however, or how it should look, and is then tested on the next page.


Generally, the price of stockings is higher than for tights. This is likely due to the elaborate garters. From the material expenses ago they would actually be cheaper. But incomprehensible is the comparatively high price of socks and knee highs.

Because the price of stockings compared to pantyhose (from the same product line) is somewhat higher, it is worthwhile to hold out for special offers.

The alternative

Who does not want to give up the particular look of stay up stockings, but at the same time prefer wearing pantyhose, for those there are also patterned tights with integrated garter to buy. In addition, the slip is decorated rimless or special. These tights have against the stockings the advantage that your thighs are not so cool, so they are suitable even in cool weather. With stockings, it should be a bit warmer it.

The warm alternative

Who would like to have free thighs, 'normal' hold up but are too thin can also opaque tights, Overknees and grab back cuffs. Gauntlets are worn over tights and have eg the advantage that you can continue to wear pumps but also warm legs. With the thicker Overknees Pumps are unsuitable.

The right size of stockings

Normally you buy stockings on the individual shoe or clothing size. However, it may happen that hold ups are too long or too short, because the shoe size tells us little about the leg length from. Therefore, it may be necessary to buy a number smaller or larger. If the stocking not just has a reinforced heel or incorporated sole providers have a 'wrong' size not to.

Ergee - Lilly

Patterned hold ups

For many years there were only patterned tights. Ever since the latest collection of Ergee also patterned hold ups are now available and should certainly find some wearers.

Recommended stockings

As for the tights, I also have stockings for an overview recommendable models put together ...

How do I put socks on?

In non-deformed models, the seam is first 'wanted' at the Garter - this is the back. First the stockings to the top 'wind up', ie: For me, the following method has proven each of the middle three fingers in the stocking, thumb and little Began outside. Now the tip of the toe drag, and then tighten the stocking with care. The fingertips of three fingers inside out to ensure that the stocking can be safely pulled without being damaged. Draw the garter to the desired position, straighten and fold clean. After the second sock is also attracted to the uniform height and seat of the garters is still controlled.

Care of stockings

Generally stockings can be treated the same (washed), as well as tights - in a laundry bag in the washing machine.

An exception I make with stockings: these basically I wash by hand. To this end, I turn the stockings once from the inside out so that the silicone bracelets are easily accessible. Soaked, I now take some mild liquid soap or shower gel and thus wash the silicone strips. This ensures that fat deposits and skin scales are cleanly removed. After that soaping foot sections and let the whole thing a bit 'pull'. Then rinse well, squeeze and hang. Whether you turn the stockings in a wet or dry state right side up, in principle, does not matter.

'real' nylons

In many online stores are also called 'real nylons' to find. These are but often only to imitations that mimic the appearance their ancestors. So most with reinforced heel and seam. From the material to produce these stockings are a matter of taste - solid, inelastic but nice and tender. In order to carry this relentless stockings least reasonably unwrinkled, must firstly agree to the size of optimal, and on the other you have to use a well-fitting garters.

These stockings are really just something for lovers who have ideal measurements.

simple stockings

Unlike stockings, these stockings do not hold by itself, it is not a non-slip cuffs available. Contents, these stockings garters that are attached to garter belts / straps. There is also one piece (eg Torselett) to which the garter belts are fastened. Normally, each stocking is held by at least two bands. For a better fit, it can be more.

Also this type of stocking is particularly attractive and sexy. The wearer can be sure of admiring glances.

Unlike stockings you can not get a sweat under the garters. For the suspenders can interfere with something or are emerging under tight clothing.


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