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Pantyhose and stockings

Because in many cases is still a persistent rumor 'is equal tights tights' I want to show in the following pages that this is absolutely not the case. There are many differences between the various makes, models and equipment details.

You will find many tips and definitions about pantyhose. Only those who are a little familiar with the matter, will discover his personal best tights.

In many cases, you can read or hear that women and men are not even familiar with the basic things and therefore always buy the wrong thing and for this reason no tights. Or, just as there are always problems with the size a pair of tights. In principle, you should find here all the questions the right answer, or at least help.


Silkona - Brillant


  • which means that the number on the package?
  • what is a LYCRA® Satin Sheers?
  • how do I find the right size?
  • need tights special care?
  • what can I expect from a quality particularly good tights?
  • there runproof free pantyhose?
  • a.o.m.


  • must shine a tights?
  • I need my legs removing hair?
  • manicured hands - protection for tights?
  • support tights



This part of my homepage is divided into two principal areas: tips and recommendations, as well as art of pantyhose. On the home pages of many other pages are listed. For this reason, I spare myself, to show them again here.

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