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Immerse them in the fine world of delicate pantaloons. Can they be enchanted by the unique and beautiful to wear, delicate stockings and pantyhose. If you too enjoy it every time again, to attract a new tights, they are exactly right. Experience for yourself how to get your legs in a simple way, a flawless and elegant look.

Feel and experience the fascination can radiate a pantyhose.

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What is

fsh - Feinstrumpfhosen info - Informationen is the largest and most comprehensive info-homepage on the topic Pantyhose in German-speaking - so to speak, the 'market leader' in this field.

Who is intended?

This site is aimed at all those who objectively extending across the world Would like to inform hosiery, such as

  • Women and men who like to wear a pantyhose
  • Operators of online shops
  • Professionals in stocking stocking boutiques and departments in department stores
  • Students, journalists, etc.
  • Manufacturer of hosiery

This is not an online store:

  • this site is not intended tights for sale
  • However, I link to online stores where your tights can order
  • I've been running this site for private purposes, as a hobby and from fun on dealing with the issue.

This page is independent:

  • that is, I am not tied to any manufacturer or Store
  • Accordingly, I can not answer any mail that is destined for a Manufacturer or Store
  • However, I am willing to answer such questions as far as this is possible

What can you expect ...

No more and no less than a several hundred-page 'Love letter to tights', the' easy to understand, of course written and easy to read 'is where one is or his 'own experience finds'. ('Visitor Comments')

There are lots of information and tips on pantyhose, as well as reviews pantyhose and stockings to find. Furthermore, related topics, such as Tips for Leg Care available. Links to Shops and manufacturers are also available.


Why I am dealing with the topic tights ...

Well, I think tights simply fascinating. Fine, ladies stockinged legs are now even nice to look at. I love the sight of beautiful, elegant legs. Unfortunately, there are too few of them. Too many interesting legs are covered by either long skirts or even pants - shame really. And here I would like to encourage something ... as far as this is possible at all ...

Another reason is of course the one that I, as a man passionate also like to wear a fine pantyhose and stockings. For most people this is indeed perhaps a little unusual and at first glance, also abnormally, but this is what I want to change. That's why I do not write only about this topic, but practice and 'live' it. For only what I myself do, I can credibly convey.

The question 'why are men tights on?' is answered here. However, I want to emphasize that this home page (only) is not made ​​for men - especially women and even manufacturers are welcome here ...


Woman and Man in Tights

Primarily tights are designed for women. I would therefore like to appeal to this website especially those women who would like to know more about these delicate knits. Because it shows up again and again that many women do not even know much about her pantyhose. The widespread prejudice: 'all tights are the same and go broke fast' is not true after all and can not uncommented remain. Therefore, there are many tips and information to tights, of which women can still learn something.

The same time I also want to make a small contribution to greater openness and acceptance by women and men in tights afford. For women, it is normal to wear tights. In men, however, there is a 'bad taste' is something you do not - so the vast opinion. However, there are those men who hold themselves like tights - and there are always more.

Yes, I am one of them and for me it is perfectly normal, why not? This fact I represent in the public, so even with sellers and manufacturers of tights and I stand by it.

I want nobody persuade them to wear pantyhose, because that is all its own thing. I want to talk about no women to put their men in tights. No, it's all his right to be against pantyhose. I respect this as well. I would, however, present the advantages and give a little bit for thought. Persuasion is the motto, not talk ... deciding must each for itself.

Even with many women is not the 'right' attitude to pantyhose. Again, I would like to help out a little. Because there is nothing better than a pretty woman's leg in a silky shiny pantyhose!

Content - own experience

All this information and experiences shown are based either on contributions from books and information material, the manufacturer or from my own experience. Fantasy stories, so beautiful they may be, are not to be found here. Because we now live, here and now and not in an imaginary world.


Advice and help

Over the past years, many mails have been written because women had problems with their partners me. For them, the situation is new or was that her partner with tights is suddenly standing in front of them. Good advice was therefore required.

I am not a psychologist, but I can save many relationships, at least if I can believe the following emails. Therefore, ladies, if they do not know how to go, then write me rather a relationship before it breaks ... because it is, after all, only to a fine garment and (usually) has absolutely nothing to do with you personally .


Indirect support - advertising

The various banners, image links and model tips are not just for visual interest of this website, they are also used for information. Because nothing is more tiring to have to read than endless texts without pictures. These links are also intended to encourage, at the end of your visit my site to visit one or the other shop to browse there and possibly to discover your newest favorite piece.

Thus, they support indirectly the work of my homepage.

Then I can only have fun want to, rummaging through my tights page ...


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