General Tips to pantyhose

On these pages I have compiled some tips for dealing with pantyhose. These tips should help to break down prejudices against hosiery. They are designed to let the buying pantyhose to the 'most normal thing in the world' will, and thus to avoid in buying the wrong from the beginning.

No woman and no man is to access in the supermarket when a 10-pack, just because has not got around to speaking, that there are significant differences in quality, because:

- Tights are not the same tights -

and that's what I want to show here. Here, many concepts are explained, which are important in the context of hosiery.

Who would want a really thin tights, can be in the business no 20 to turn on. Or if a pair of tights to be very transparent, avoids double covered yarns etc. All clear? If not, then you are exactly right here!

Do not be afraid to go with the acquired knowledge into a shop here and to object to the seller once when they 'nonsense' says or wants you to turn on a shop keeper. You will see, you will be viewed as competent customer or client and advise accordingly.

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Fashion Trends

In a recent column, I would like to address current trends. It presents new prospects, so that the legs and the eyes (due to the optics) will soon be spoiled.

A particularly important issue since 2003 patterned tights, and this very special fishnet stockings in each mesh size. Whether micro or Maxi Power - Power is announced.

Tips from manufacturers

For questions about tights there are 3 possibilities:

  • ask at the shop a salesgirl
  • you look for example on my homepage by, or requested via e-mail to
  • one asks directly from the manufacturer by.

Most of the manufacturers offer on their sides on a contact by e-mail. But as with it even hardware / software vendors ago, this 'hotline' but either not busy or you have to adjust to longer waiting times or you do not know off.

Different manufacturers have with requests from male customers but unfortunately their problems or contact fears. The fact that men also interested in hosiery, must still talk about themselves only. Earlier requests of me were from the result very sobering. The tights carrying man did not exist before, so you do not know how to react to it. A unified response does not exist, however. Some are open, others from blocking - the man, the customer, there is not level.

Since every company deserves a second or third chance, I run from time to time from time to time an action to see how now turn the responses to simple requests ...

Example has been the customer service at 'Wolford' and 'Ergee'. 'Elbeo' once had a good PR agency, and 'Hudson / Kunert' do offer a free telephone hotline. But for others, maybe the contact is usually more 'for the birds'.



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