General tips to pantyhose

Wearing comfort of tights

The comfort of a pair of tights is a very individual and subjective experience. A pantyhose pleases me very well, possibly another person can not predict. But due to the high number of tested stockings and tights, I can certainly put up a good comparison. Differences between my and your experience there still may be but, just because every woman and every man has different body sizes and the skin has a different feeling. What I feel is hard and scratchy, you must not interfere with, and vice versa for a long time.

What does this mean for me 'comfort'?

Well, I like it when a pair of tights is particularly soft and especially soft to the touch on the leg. From the fit of her pantyhose should not constrict course, slip or be too large. Ideally, the pantyhose legs slightly 'strokes' and very gently 'massaged' is. That is, I just want to easily feel that I wear a pantyhose. You should interfere in any way, because if makes the tights constantly noticeable, which can be annoying. So inconspicuous, like a delicate tights looks, so they should be able to bear.

The statement: 'the best tights are the ones you do not feel' is therefore only partly true for me. For why I prefer because of a pair of tights? For the sake of appearance, to warm the legs - and also, because of the great feeling. That it's nice when I feel a pair of tights on the leg, so I feel it too - it should only just be very gentle.

Factors for the comfort of the pantyhose

On the wearing comfort, several factors have an influence:

  • fit
  • equipment
  • material
  • processing
  • softness
  • surface structure
  • individual feeling

What factors might apply to an ideal tights or stockings for ideal, are summarized on another page. Of course there are some of the above properties can also be found.

Fit of tights

Actually quite clear - a pair of tights that do not fit, can have no comfort. However, it comes here to the particular circumstances depends. Tall, short, fat or thin. Every woman and every man has a different figure. All are but for example, with the weight and size in the same size range. Normally a pair of tights is indeed stretchy enough to cover these differences, however, some models meet these discipline better than others. And here comes into play with elastane.

Features of tights

A great importance is attached to the cuffs. Ideally, it should not narrow, not curl up and not wear out. At the same time it should be but stretchy enough. Similarly, the stitching on the gusset and the toes play a major role.

Material of the pantyhose

The material itself also has a great impact on the comfort level. Although it is not that spandex is absolutely necessary, but it helps to improve the fit. In addition, the pantyhose is usually a little softer through elastane.

However, this also depends on the yarn used (for example crimped, flat yarn, etc.) which are processed together with elastane.

In terms of softness therefore it can not damage to the designations Micro fiber, LYCRA® and quite well Aloe Vera to look for.

Processing of the pantyhose

Especially at very cheap products, which mostly come from Eastern Europe or the Far East, there are significant shortcomings in the processing. But even with brand merchandise you're not always safe from twisted legs and dirty seams.

I had already experienced in two cases that the legs were different lengths. From wearing comfort I can't speak any longer with such models.

Softness of the pantyhose

As indicated above, a pair of tights made of microfibre is generally very soft. Due to the particularly fine individual filaments of the yarns are formed very soft surfaces.

It is surprising and disappointing at the same time are some models that silky soft feel on the leg in the 'non-activated' state, but partially solid and even slightly scratchy.

Surface structure of the pantyhose

Be it through the yarn used or with the appropriate knitting technique. Several models are on the leg just much softer and smoother than other models And, although apparently the same material is used.

Only a pair of tights, which also can develop in the leg its silk-soft hand, is a good tights for me.

Individual perception

Women have a softer, smoother and thinner skin than men. I can not even though of course not judge, but suspect: I think that a woman has a pantyhose feels much ore as scratchy, because their skin is much more sensitive and more sensitive. Maybe that is the reason why many women tights so reluctant to tighten. There are just too many models that are not soft enough. Men are somewhat less sensitive here.

There is a problem with the cuffs in men. Women usually have no problem, but some with low extensibility models in the thigh area.


The tights with the maximum comfort that is equally good for every woman and every man, there is not likely. Each tights have their very own pros and cons. What is perfect for one person, does not demand apply to the second person.

My reviews can nevertheless provide a good overview and are considered at least as a guide. Since all the tights were evaluated by the same criteria and only by me personally, all impressions are quite comparable. However, I must say that I can make a feature in one day less than another day.

For me that pantyhose has a high wearing comfort that accompanies me throughout the day gently without disturbing or even to slip. A pantyhose should spoil me and not constantly remind me by some tweaking that she is still there.


Possible questions for comfort

Is the comfort depending on the price?

Yes and no. In general, more expensive models fit indeed better and have better wear properties, but there are also cheap tights that feel very good on the leg. Especially 'nur die' can certainly gather pluses. A guarantee for a comfortable fit, the price is therefore not, but at least a clue.

Is the comfort depending on the surface texture?

That depends on the use of the tights on it or on the pants or skirt that is worn over it. A tights, which is nice light and soft, but still may have a dull surface (eg some fine crepe tights). Just under long pants, this may disturb but because it does not slide as well. That should the pants slide up or down, this will do the tights as well. For a smooth surface, this can not happen. As an example of soft tights with a blunt and a smooth surface could 'nur die' - Image (blunt) or Cette - Havana (smooth) are called.

LYCRA® is a trade mark of INVISTA


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