Often, the term crossdresser must be read. But what is it, what is behind it?

In general, the need may be cross-dressing desire to be understood, to wear clothes of the opposite sex. Many crossdressers practice this unconscious desire probably the most out of the drive that it mentally and physically good for them, clothes that do not correspond to the 'universal norm' to attract. That Therefore man does not draw a skirt, because he wants to annoy someone with it, but because he likes it because it's good for him.

Just as there are men who wear like women's clothing, there are just too many women wearing men's clothes. It just does not stand out and it does not bother anyone. That the number of female crossdressers likely to be much higher by far. Only no woman will call it, but sees it as perfectly normal. That's the big difference.

The male crossdressers

On another side, I followed the question of what is actually fetishism?
Because thinking primarily outsiders about a man who likes pantyhose or skirts bears he was gay, he's a fetishist and / or transvestite without knowing what that is all. Few people make the effort to expand their own spiritual limited horizon accordingly and think about why these men do that. It really is easier to join the general opinion.

In order to see this more nuanced usually provided with a negative image names, and to show that this issue is much more complicated, there was a very interesting project work on a South German university. She has addressed this issue and interviewed several people affected. As a result of this study I can for me finally find what I am: I'm clearly a crossdresser.

From the perspective of an uninvolved person you could say: 'well and good, but what is a crossdresser?'

This study was able to classify three types of cross-dressing. These divisions are:

  • Crossdresser without feminine identity
  • Crossdresser with feminine identity
  • Crossdressers who have achieved the complete transition into womanhood

An important knowledge is also that there is not THE typical crossdresser. Each has had a different environment, a different past and perhaps other triggers. For all crossdressers but is equal to that of the mental aspect is particularly important. No Crossdresser has developed a whim by some point, eg Carnival says: 'Today I'm going as a woman' and is stuck with it. Cross-dressing has rather something to do to relax, to feel good, to escape his environment a bit and it's easy to enjoy, at least temporarily, to be a woman. Too bad this is only just that just this great feeling goes by again sometime and catch up one of the daily grind. Much worse is for the individuals concerned, however, that they are confronted with various problems in the environment and therefore usually refrain from fear on the course in the public, even if it is their greatest wish.

The Crossdresser type 1 tries as much as possible to integrate his feminine clothing in everyday life, no matter what might be said to be environment. In a particularly feminine clothing such as Skirts are omitted at least in public.

Other hand, is the type 2 He pulls completely as a woman, make-up, wearing a wig and enjoys his appearance in public as a woman. He lives out his female identity and adopt, where possible, as well as possible as a woman.

The third type, however, has this stage already behind him, basically lives only as a woman. His accomplishment is a mere formality.

Personally, I would add another, fourth type: the crossdresser, although it wears skirts etc, but would like to be recognized yet as a man. He wears women's clothes mainly because it is more convenient and practical. A man with coat and beard is a good example.

The transitions between the individual variants are not exactly defined and not clearly definable. They depend on moods and external influences.

The female crossdressers

In analogy to the previous section one can hold quite possible that there are exactly the same dispositions, motives and mental conditions and women. Of course there are women who wear a masculine identity in itself and act upon these also.

The fourth type is likely to be even spread very far, just no woman will naturally be called a crossdresser, just because they just wearing a shirt or a pair of pants from the men's section. Because no, crossdressers are only men.

One might also say drastic: Women are fond of that do not do that, whereas men have ...

The mental aspect

Although I have often described it, that the practical advantage of tights and skirts is clearly given. Woman clothes fit better in many cases, is softer and more comfortable to wear, and sometimes simply no alternative. For me, the reasons are enough to wear women's clothing.

But women clothing is also Keidung to feel good for me. Can you explain this feeling - it's not real to put into words and thus another person difficult to convey. Other Crossdresser know exactly what I'm talking about here, they know it too. Women can perhaps begin to understand, because they experience every day their clothes, even if unconsciously. Unaffected men such feelings can but certainly not imagine.

Most crossdressers have developed a more or less pronounced personality of the opposite sex. Often this second identity was suppressed by medical or social circumstances, and forced into a unique, ie male or female identity. Live out two identities, and was thus prevented, knowing that they are there. A girl has to play with his dolls and not with cars - and vice versa. Only then what is 'inspire girls in technical professions' of the new German nonsense? Either they have such talent in it or not. Where this is a completely different topic again.

If one of these personalities permanently suppressed, this is seen in the long term harmful. A proper mental balance, an inner satisfaction that person will never be able to experience, unless they can and can develop in accordance. And who in God's name, the company is because that they withheld as general these people their inner balance?

Whether this second personality, this feeling, basically, to be a part of the opposite sex now since birth there or by any events (trigger, initial ignitions) was triggered, this does not matter. The fact is that a balanced emotional life, a balanced personality is only possible if both emotional worlds are served.

They're just little things

Although it may seem unusual, but it can be very helpful and important for its own internal balance to wear a tights and pumps in a given situation and emotional state. Often this is enough already.

The stronger this feeling is to be served or has, the more important it may be that in addition, a skirt, a blouse, etc. is used. As further growth will take makeup perfect, a wig worn and, thus completing the transformation into a woman at least outwardly. At least for a few hours can this feeling be lived and enjoyed (even in public).

The recovery potential from everyday life that crossdressers should this experience, this is usually larger than 'normal' people who do not know these feelings will ever experienced. Eliminates stress women's clothing is essential for crossdressers. In this respect it is superior to other people far away. Other people engage in yoga to relax, only ridiculed probably nobody. Since this effect of stress reduction but usually only on leisure or for example the weekend is limited, also some jams and makes the long term unhappy if you can not act it.

Is important for me to emphasize here is that it is not a sexual preference when cross-dressing that has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is usually not sexually controlled and also says nothing about a possible sexual orientation. Speculation here about are pure nonsense.


Emotions play a very important role. Usually more women are granted the right to show his feelings. A man has to be strong, no matter how crappy he is. The macho-type beats his wife, smokes, drinks and suppresses its environment, just so he gets his balance again (my bias). The car guy gets into his thick BMW or Audi and chases and threatens everything that is not fast enough away from the fast lane. In contrast, the crossdresser only attracts women clothes and doing harm anyone. Which is better?

Through his female identity of the Cross Dresser is also partially integrate in a position to take some typically female attributes and in his personality. To show feelings are not foreign to him. Go shopping, just once to try on a new pair of shoes, etc. almost unthinkable for a 'normal' man.

Women who live together with crossdressers, are indeed often think 'and what about my feelings?', But there they forget too quickly that there would be no more together on a permanent basis without the protection, without the wearing of women's clothing. For so loving and affectionate woman might be, this compensation can not or very difficult to create. You should rather draw benefits from it: because such a woman who also supported her husband in his emotional life, he will never give up, because it is the fulfillment of his life.

Tried it, however, prevent him from his inclination, which is can not walk well in the long run. Although it may go well for several years, but eventually the mental frustration has simply become too large, then it is no longer easy. He will at least then live out his passion when she is not home.

Conclusion 1

As I said, feeling the desire to desire that causes a male crossdresser to wear women's clothes, can not be really described real. There are many approaches, but no one can really express what myself and the other men to move me to put on socks, tights, but most of all, the positive impact this has on me.

Maybe it's similar to homeopathy - usually they can not work, apparently it does in some cases, but still. - And - no matter how much one takes it, or no matter how many you put on tights, it does not hurt - no one.

And another film on the subject

On YouTube about crossdressers is an interesting contribution available that was once aired on WDR - Menschen hautnah - worth seeing. For copyright reasons, I show here only the link, not the entire video.

It shows two people, on the one hand could not be more, but on the other hand, for themselves implement their transformation perfectly and handle it accordingly. Certainly good examples for other crossdresser - recommended for imitation.


In the film, the term trans-gender is mentioned. For this purpose, a short Bergiffserklšrung:
As gender is the role gesellschafftliche seen, adopted by a person, or in which it has been forced into it. That it's sort of the social gender of a person. In general, the social and biological sex are the same.

Trans is the transition. A trans-gender is thus a person, in this case, a man who lives out his feminine side and identified in accordance therewith. According to the above definition, he is a crossdresser type 2


Only again to complete:
A transvestite is according to the dictionary, a person who has a mental health (sexual) desire to wear clothes of the opposite sex. Since many psychologists in this regard but have no idea what they are intended to define it, this term is considered outdated and obsolete, and thus the persons concerned in a false light.
How wrong are psychologists, also shows an example that I have ever seen anywhere on the Internet. He claimed, for example, that these people have got in their childhood little sympathy and support. The fact that no one was there who could exemplify them separate, fixed pulleys. What a dork!

Other lifestyle

In the film, the commentator also asked whether there will be another way of life 'now as a woman', opposite previously as a man.
Of course, what else!

Especially if you live like a man who is relatively strong female feelings, senses, moods, desires (and whatever else) carries within itself, of course, feels different, freer, a lot more comfortable. A woman will be able to probably hard to imagine, because she is a woman and thus for them it is nothing special.

In a spiral

It becomes problematic for a crossdresser if he this 'addiction' over a longer period, eg during a vacation or other long off-time, intensive acting out. For example, can already right after getting up to dress as a woman and enjoy it throughout the day. This intense experience of the opposite sex, even if only by its clothing is simply indescribable. And of course, one would like to repeat it the next day, etc.

But this elation is deceptive. All too soon you forget about this is that it is not the 'real' world that everyday life eventually comes back. And then it's there, this big hole, everyday life in which his man 'man standing' must back. Withdrawal symptoms such as Depression, etc. are then probably not exactly rare. Here it is important to have a partner who can cushion this fall anyway.

Of course, a ladies' pants do not replace a skirt, but that it is nevertheless possible to integrate the ladies clothing as good as it gets as a 'normal' clothes. That in principle, it is not noticeable when from the belt line down generally only 'women's clothing' is supported. This is this big hole not only so huge, you can at least compensate for it to some extent.

Conclusion 2

THE crossdressers there is not so. Different orientations in clothes, different 'strong' intensities as this 'addiction' is lived, different psyche of individuals and different aspirations result in different styles as already described earlier, different typings.

Attempts by psychologists the phenomenon cross-dressing and explain its background, mostly going in the wrong direction. Simply because the experience is missing and the "shadows" are too diverse. Attempts crossdressers attributed a particular sexual inclination, also go next. Probably no single man is suddenly on men just because he wears skirts. His basic orientation and tilt does not change through clothing.

Attempts to describe these feelings that you can experience as a man in women's clothing, so even scratch at the surface only. It depends to a large depends on how much femininity in your own body slumbers and how much you can retrieve it or want.

Many men may have little femininity in itself. You have to want to wear on its own no inner drive, skirts and it would resist them, wear a skirt to 'must'. Other men, in turn, have so much of it in that they have depression because they are trapped in the wrong body (see above: Type 3), or because they are the wrong sex was forced (gender).

For the middle, like myself, for example, feel, it's a very good outlet, from time to time to wear a skirt, etc.. This feeling relaxes the soul, you will be more calm and relaxed. The stress reduction that can be achieved thereby, is quite comparable to a remote vacation, the other people would have to compete for it. And that's why women's clothing is for me personally feel good clothing pure.

And once again for the sake of completeness: Exactly the same is true for women (just with the tendency to masculinity).


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