Women's clothing in general

In principle, one can say that women's clothing for women and men's clothing is designed for men. By definition, even tights and stockings are pure women's clothing, at least we will know the make industry and society. It's the same with lingerie, so fine (Ladies) underwear, skirts, dresses and (women's) shoes.

On the following pages I will show that this view falls short and there are many good reasons why and when women's clothing (except hosiery that anyway) is also suitable for men or even make sense.

This topic refers to men's and women's clothing. That as expected, some 'concerned' woman interested certainly also an issue. Because I can imagine that some women determined once puzzled rub their eyes when she sees her husband in women's clothing. If he has not the courage for explanations, woman finds here certainly some Matching.

At the same time, however, also shown that even men who likes to dress women's clothing, have different preferences. There is not just simply the man in women's clothing - and, not only is there men's tights and Mr. skirts - there's more!

Further developing the theme

And just as it is natural for most women to wear typical men's clothes, and also ask anyone for 'permission to do so', so this should apply to men as well. In many ways women's clothing is no alternative for men.

The following pages provide an introduction to this complex topic:

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