... and nice smooth legs ...

Pantyhose and hairless legs just go together. Both together, resulting in a perfect combination, not only for the eye. It not only looks better, the tights also fits better - the legs feel better.

Only well-maintained legs look really great ...

Women also have it here again better / easier. You naturally have, in principle, much nicer legs. The advantage with women is that they are generally not as many dark and long hair on the legs have (with some exceptions). Next is the fact that many women remove their leg hair anyway and maybe help out with self-tanner. Therefore, many legs look even spring gently browned and pretty.

But women often have one drawback: cellulite and / or slightly swollen knee - these disorders in connective tissue usually men do not know. Another problem can be varicose veins, which are also rare in men.

Sure, women's legs look in a direct comparison of course better. Shedding and tights into perspective the but again. Here is a man's leg can certainly at least look as good.

Depilated legs are, visually, in any case useful, whether man or woman. However, those who always hides his legs of trousers or opaque tights, which of course it is no matter.

Depilated legs in men?

It may be a somewhat new idea, but even the advertising and the industry have also taken up this issue now. Thus, it is not just the legs to the hair, but also all other body hair - is just plain chic. Those who have doubts about whether men can remove their body hair, which was at times Veet look it over.

Why depilated legs?

If tights are worn under a long pants, so do not open, interfere with the hair not - no one will see it. Who but a sheer tights with skirts or shorts also attracts the should address all cases with the idea to remove the leg hair. - It's worth it in more ways than one.

    Depilated legs -
  • look better
  • feel better on (especially cuddling)
  • increase the comfort of tights
  • but also require significant time and maintenance costs

It not only speak optical reasons for depilated legs.

Experiences with legs depilation

Course would probably have every beautiful, smooth legs. But often lack the necessary experience or even just on the drive, at their own pleasure. How do I set it to what is the best method, what should I consider? These are all questions that (hopefully) all can be answered on the following pages.

In all the reports and compare it's also about to learn what the differences in effect between women and men in terms of problems and duration occur. Especially with the durability of the application reads one very different information.


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