Ideal hosiery & stockings

The ideal tights

Of course, every woman and every tights carrier wants an ideal product. An ideal tights, how should it look like? What features should have an ideal or an ideal tights tights?

From the perspective of consumers and the manufacturers point of view, it would probably be two completely different products. Only the name would be the same.

from the perspective of the manufacturer

  • as cheaply as possible in the production
  • high price and high profit
  • only mean lifetime is bought later so
  • ...

from the perspective of consumers

  • low price
  • long life
  • high wearing comfort
  • ...

As one can easily see, these are quite different approaches. Is there a solution to the problem?

Each manufacturer probably has as his own idea of ??an ideal product. For that reason alone, because he has different audiences in mind. On one hand, since the price-conscious housewife, although want quality, but it has to save; € 1 is their 'pain threshold'. On the other hand, there are the super-rich women who do not care whether a pantyhose 20 or 50 € costs.

Here it goes but to the vast majority, and which lies somewhere in between. But there are already models that are fairly close to the ideal, perfect product.

Ways an ideal product

A product that appeals only to the manufacturer or designer, is a bad product - eg one or the other patterned tights. Because if there is no buyer for it, it can be as inexpensive to manufacture, etc. The interests of consumers are important and crucial. Only then is the producibility.

Because as I said, if a product can produce fast and cheap, is not yet long said that it is also good and is purchased. Conversely, it is also so that only one product is sold and produced such at which the manufacturer can earn something. Utopian demands of both sides are therefore not very helpful - the healthy middle ground is the solution.

Often costs but only the name of extra money, which is only the manufacturer benefits.

Properties of an ideal product

How could look like a 'perfect' tights, and what it may cost?

Judging from my own experience, there is the ideal and perfect tights currently not on the market. Some a deficiency or a small, lack of detail, there are few complaints. Although some models are already pretty close ...

Bellissima - Elite
Bellissima - Elite 40

A combination of different models that would be the solution ...

  • the fit of Kunert
  • the softness of Elbeo
  • the rib from Hudson
  • the mesh structure from Le Bourget
  • fiber Progress 3D from Oroblu
  • the price of 'nur die'

Which reminds me, of course, it is clear that the last point is actually nonsensical because for a maximum of € 5 as a pair of tights will never be available.

I guess 10 € to 15 € would be appropriate for an ideal tights and possibly € 3 more for the corresponding stay up stockings.

My own suggestions for an ideal product

As already indicated, a combination of different models is the goal.

  • the fit
    • For the models tested by Kunert received the lowest complaints here. Leg length, panty, etc. all of that is well managed and is consistent with the size information is in accordance to the packaging. The tights are comfortable and fit well.

  • the softness
    • Just tights of Elbeo (or back then Bi) are usually soft. Microfiber is the keyword here, with the two mentioned manufacturers have the material or knitting technique without microfibre in the grip. Beautifully soft, cuddly and cozy must be a pair of tights. Such a model will never scratch or cause other skin irritations.

  • the durability
    • From a visitor's report, which once was allowed to look at Wolford behind the scenes, I know that Wolford is making great efforts to make the knitted fabric more durable. These measures shall not be borne by the softness though. A reasonable way is the use of more spandex. Stockings by Wolford have, for example, about 40% elastane, without these models have a major supporting character. Here is spandex durability.

      The correct use of elastane, the surface of the stockings is beautifully soft and smooth - and thus durable. Another promising approach is the new generation of 'Run Stop' tights. These runproof safe tights Kunert made the beginning.

  • the rib
    • More recent and high quality models of Hudson have a comfort waistband. This is very broad, soft and very elastic. It doesn't (almost) matter if the waist is narrow or wide. The cuff sits cleanly without slipping or constricting.

  • the mesh structure
    • Mesh size depends strongly on the knitting technique and the material. Particularly delicate models (8 .. 15 Den) are my favorites. The spacing of the (stretched) mesh should be uniform. The threads should knitted clean and not be visible in wavy lines. Ideally, a hosiery is his almost invisible and should not be blemished by snags or other impropriety.

  • the material
    • Progress 3D is the keyword here. By Progress 3D tights is particularly soft and stretchable in the longitudinal direction. This benefits the fit and comfort.

  • the price
    • Well, on the one hand, the model should of course be cheap. On the other hand the manufacturer for a correspondingly good product should be allowed a profit. 10 € for the ideal tights are certainly justified.

  • other properties
    • Top Reinforcements: A laddering protection is important, on the other hand is the gain but also be so tender that it does not interfere in open shoes. The extensibility should be very high, so that the toes are not too compressed. The 'Elbeo - Formula Comfort' is in terms of the toes certainly a role model.
    • Panty: Borderless is certainly desirable because of the optics. Panties reinforcements essential under the skirt or pants are not just a beautiful sight.
    • Gusset: for a better fit a gusset is absolutely necessary. This should be large enough and possibly cotton. If it is too large, it disturbs the thighs.
    • Seams: flat lock seams are advantageous because they can not emerge under tight clothing in principle. In addition, flat seams are much more durable, which becomes especially noticeable at the cuffs.
    • Colors: which are a matter of taste. A medium skin tone such as Almond, Amber, Skin, Cashmere, Candy, Gobi, etc. but should be available in every range. In black, it is important that the socks have undergone a clean dyeing process.
    • Laddering protection: basically include a laddered protection at every seam (and on each cuff). Laddering often are not caused by mechanical influences, but by bad seams. Thus, from a messed-up seam a run is not the same, a protection must be provided. The more transparent this protection, the less it interferes with the optics.


Spitzenverstärkung         Fersenverstärkung
Gerbe - Sun Satin - with transparent heel and toe reinforcement

  • Hold ups
    • Garters: in stockings garters should be wide enough so that they hold up well. Approx. 5 cm are certainly an ideal measure. Whether they are or decorated neutral, is beside the point. Furthermore, the garters should be stable enough so they do not fold on its own. Unfortunately, there are also instances that a relatively fixed (and scratchy) and thus feel for the bone material itself, when extended, can be dangerous.
    • Silicone strip: width, thickness and composition of the silicone strips determine the secure fit of the stockings. The silicone must be at the end of the day still feel dull and clean.
    • Scope: the width of the garters limited greatly the circle of winners. Are your thighs too thick, Thigh fit either not, or a narrow cuffs. The use of a corresponding amount of spandex would be a solution.

  • Knee highs
    • Cuffs: the cuff should be wide enough so that they can distribute their force over a larger area and thus not cut. Exemplary here is Hudson.
    • Size: the size is of course crucial for the fit. Knee highs should go below the knee and not end somewhere in calf height. Another size 43-45 would be desirable to have a unit size is simply botch.


The perfect garter with stockings

The perfect garter depends on the tastes and matching lingerie. Men on the other hand, the place does not necessarily indicate flowery ornaments value, are more likely to prefer a neutral garter. However, these are usually not necessarily very permeable to air. Therefore, this variant (see picture) the ideal garter dar. It is neutral, permeable to air and keeps very well. One can find this form of garters eg at the Hudson - Cosmetic 15 or at Cette - Phoenix, to name two examples.

men's models

As mentioned many times, I'm actually against specific men's tights. On the other hand, it is not clear why in general at the size to be 46 deadline. Well, of course there are also the so-called plus sizes. But whether this example, 185 cm in height and shoe size 45 with cover, I do not know. Especially with stockings there is a large deficit here. However, there are vendors (online stores) that can also serve these customers.

In addition, for me would be the only reason to offer special tights for men, that this group of customers is finally delivered or taken seriously. At the moment is the fact that many men wear tights, the manufacturers known, but it is recommended to revert to the current range for women. What remains one do otherwise? Why this type of customer is ignored is beyond me. But one should not force anyone to his happiness (turnover).

With a pair of tights for men in a front crotch area a little more (stretchable) material would be more than useful, possibly in connection with a slightly larger gusset. An engagement or other reinforcements I think is unnecessary.


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