'real' and 'unreal' nylons

Real? - What is already real? In the end is always 100% nylon stocking is a real nylon stocking - very clear. However, what is behind the 'real' nylon stocking, nylons? We are talking here of the ancestor of all hosiery products - the guy who conquered woman's legs after the war in Europe.

Nylons - the 'small' difference ...

There are two or three characteristics that make the difference between genuine and non-genuine nylons.

  • the material - always 100% polyamide / nylon
  • the method of production - real seam, no print or knitted
  • the price - not a clear indicator, but at least a clue - relatively expensive!

pludrige Nylons
pludrige Nylons

The 'Nylon Look' ...

The typical nylon-look is characterized by an inimitable look. Very delicate and fine, but also 'pludrig'. Pludrig, that is, by the lack of elastane have these stockings no appreciable elasticity. It may arise for no wrinkles in the conventional sense. The material stands out from the leg / ankle, without changing its shape. (hard to describe ...)
Modern stockings, however, fit like a second skin and make every move (more or less) a crease-free.

Lest too bad a picture of the optics should be noted that this picture was taken after the knee was bent for a while. A very good suspender should move smoothly on its own up and back. That would be optimal.

The production of nylons ...

In contrast to all other hosiery products, which are manufactured on circular knitting machines, one of the last Cotton Machine is used for real nylons.

To spite the low elasticity to achieve a good fit, the stockings leg silhouette / shape are knitted accordingly. The flat nylon piece is then sewn together to the actual stocking. Thus his typical seam (with border area), and a typical hole (eye) of the stocking gets near the upper edge of stocking. Built-soles, lace and high heels different types increase the shelf life and are a fashion accessory at the same time. These are the typical features of the nylons.

typical eye with seam and edge

Sole with seam and edge

In the pictures the Gerbe Carnation can be seen. It should be noted at this stocking also that the relatively strong seam under your feet at the beginning of the gestation period certainly could be a disturbance.

Pludrige optics

The fit ...

Because real nylons are made on the form, they usually fit perfectly, but only if the size and leg proportions are. In addition, a very good garter belt with (preferably six or more) metal clips necessary.

Without fulfilling these conditions, it will have little joy with the nylons.
For men, these models are therefore likely to be unsuitable from the outset, because here the proportions are different. Also: to find a really good matching suspenders, is also likely to be quite difficult ...

Replicas ...

Although equipped with the optical and tactile properties, many spurious nylons are offered as genuine. Since they are produced in circular knitting machine, or no manual handles are less necessary. Thus, the stockings are of course much cheaper.

However - if replicas / reproductions are already available, they should be marked accordingly. 'Real nylons in the style of the 50' or something like that - the saying here is misplaced - because it is not true!

Properly, it should read: 'nylons, as in the style of the 50' or 'real nylons in the style of the 50s inspired'.

An example of a replica are the 'Cervin - Capri 15'. The material may seem to be adequate, however, still missing the seam even completely.

Another name for replicas is RHT - Reinforced Heel and Toe. RHTs normally have no Rear-seam.

Who makes real nylons?

Typical representatives are, for example, Gerbe with the Carnation 10, Cervin, Gio and Eleganti.

More detailed information are available, for example, at sodibas or nylon-strumpf.

Where can you buy real nylons?

In stocking stores it is more likely to be a coincidence, if you find it there. More likely you have luck in lingerie stores that also offer high-quality bodice. A reliable source is, however, the net, where there are various shops that offer a wide selection of genuine nylons and replicas. A good selection, for example, have Stockings HQ and Ars Vivendi, which as far as I know, even have their own production with an old cotton machine. Of course there are more shops, but I do not want to list all here.


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