Women's shoes

Like any piece of clothing that is designed for the ladies, also exerts the women's shoe from a certain appeal to some men. Driven by the desire or curiosity, as it can probably run on such paragraphs or just because of the better fit for narrow feet.

This is of course especially for women. Why many women of mind when it comes to shoes exposes, is and remains a mystery, albeit a pleasant one. If yes, ultimately, no matter why it is now even have to be a pair of shoes, although already 20 copies fill the shoe closet.

Looking at the selection in a shoe shop one can also be weak. The many shapes, colors, styles and heel heights can be a dizzy formally. After the first fitting is also clear quickly that at least two pairs are bought because the shoe fits better, but the other one looks better.

'And Bye, dear shoe store, I'll be right back ...' thinks full delight the successful lady who is once again found it. But men love, let's be honest: let the wives be to their fun. We got him indeed at the sight of beautiful legs and feet.

glassy eyes

For most women, the eyes are entering a shoe store glazed with joy: 'Hooray, new specimens for testing'. In men, however, they are transparent because they are howling just before. Either because the partner wants to have some new shoes, or because he has to go on their own and search desperately to the lean range. So take the shelves with women's shoes in many stores just as much space as the entire men's, children's sports and other assortment together. But we treat it with the ladies and serve us there too ...

I can now at any rate understand why it must be new shoes again and again. The temptation is just too great. And then you still buys just a pair of pumps or boots, although it really did not have to be.

Other needs

A pair of generally for any occasion, a pair of light shoes or sandals for warmer weather and a pair of winter shoes - that must suffice: In men, it's all different. When it comes up, there is still a finer pair for the suit, athletic shoes apart. That an average man probably has a maximum of 6 shoes are in the closet, which must last for several years. Why should he buy new shoes, if the replacement again eh looks the same and there is no real choice?

In women, it's different: A shoe for the rock, one for the pants ... of course there are different colors that should fit ... oh yes, and the fit a slimmer pants, a high heel, even though the flatter would be more convenient, etc. And already are 20 different pairs of shoes no rarity. And they need to be changed every day, too.

And even if I just want to have a simple, elegant pumps, then there is the question of the heel height, shape, and with or without a plateau. Where a man has one or two shoes to choose from, a woman has at least five pumps, the various cuttings, ornaments and aprons still not counting already right here. In boots and booties, it is also no different.

other topics

Since this topic is clearly interesting, not only for women, there are other sites that deal with the topic:

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