General tips to pantyhose

Tights Size Chart

Some companies use these relatively rough classification with SML-XL. However, it may be slightly different between the different brands unfortunately, so you might have at 'x' M mark and in the 'y' L. brand but this classification has the advantage that you can still get a well-fitting tights even in border areas . A typical representative is here 'nur die'.

Other companies use a finer gradation 0-I-II-III .... So, for example, is now 40-44 from 40-42 and 42-44. Whether this is always beneficial, everyone has to find out for yourself. A typical representative is here 'Kunert'.

Bad is when gaps are present. So, for example, has 'C&A' 40-42 and 44-46 as the next size in the program. What do I do with my 42-44 now? At high spandex, it is clear, but only 5% I have a problem. So I let the tights are dear and buy somewhere else.

Strumpfhosen Größentabelle

Sizes as a function of body size

Some manufacturers want to give particularly internationally and have in mind the American and English Market. The indication of body size and weight is omitted, so that the uninformed customer 'on the tube is'. Instead, so be nonsensical for sizes such as foot and Elle and all that specified a nonsense. Probably not a German customer really knows with these exotic moderation. But there is now the translation:

S036-38145 - 155 cm4'9" - 5'1"43 - 50 kg95 - 110 lbs
S/MI38-40152 - 163 cm5'0" - 5'4"47 - 59 kg105 - 130 lbs
MII40-42155 - 168 cm5'1" - 5'6"54 - 63 kg120 - 140 lbs
M/LIII42-44157 - 173 cm5'2" - 5'8"59 - 68 kg130 - 150 lbs
LIV44-46165 - 180 cm5'5" - 5'11"61 - 79 kg135 - 175 lbs
XLV48-50168 - 183 cm5'6" - 6'0"75 - 102 kg165 - 225 lbs
XXLVI52-54170 - 188 cm5'7" - 6'2"84 - 109 kg185 - 240 lbs

Different sizes in tights

Unfortunately, some companies hold not as accurate with the sizes. One must therefore his size test, or in doubt, take a number greater than.
is a typical representative of here 'disee'. The company 'Atair', the 'disee' produces tights, the responsible employees / interior should once purchase competing products and see how the fit should be.

Also, we should note how high the elastane share in pantyhose. Especially with the tights with a fine size gradation should go from a share of about 15% elastane and higher prefer a larger number. Due to the high elastane content, the tights will contract very strong. This eliminates wrinkles can occur even at a large size.
For this, however, significantly increased of comfort.

However, there is again the famous exceptions. The 'Kunert - Satin Look', I bought a size bigger would have fit well in 42-44. Whereas the 'Oroblu - Sensual 20' even in 44-46 is still quite scarce.

So it is always worth to pay attention to the (hopefully) to make sure size chart, and note the percentage of spandex!

Foreign size tables

In Italian and French brands, one should note that these are smaller. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the EU size specification. That is, the printed size 42-44 corresponds to the Germans size 44-46.

How do I find the correct size of my tights?

The first clue is of course the size chart.
If one of the pantyhose, then she should of course already sitting comfortably and not constrict or be too large.

Test whether one still has reserve, you can follow these steps: Take the pantyhose gently between your thumb and middle finger and pulling it away from the leg. This should ever work fine. 5-6 cm should be able to pull on the calf and thigh. For a lot more (10 cm) it is too large, too small at less (2-3 cm). This does not apply for support tights, they must fit snugly!

Another clear sign is then when wearing.
Many wrinkles and bumps are on the one hand a sign of tights without spandex, but it can also mean it is too large. A too small tights, however, is likely to be extremely slip and / or tear at the first available opportunity. A too small pantyhose is extremely prone to laddering.

special sizes

Not everyone has the ideal size - there are big, small, fat and thin people. For this reason it is especially extra-wide models. Many higher-quality brands have at least one model with intermediate size in the range. A particularly successful model there is of Oroblu - 'Lady form'. Here you do not get a simple crepe model, such as the case with other manufacturers partly the case, but a high quality elastane model. A high optical quality tights in between sizes so need not be a contradiction.

Large Sizes

In addition to the special sizes of course there are also the large sizes. In many models, is later than the size 44-46 final. In specialty stores, such as Ulla Popken catch there the sizes but only at. So there large and chubby women on the one hand find. On the other hand, these sizes are perfect but for many men, and the only way to find well-fitting tights.


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