Great look with the help of pantyhose

So-called style consultants may propose their hands together above his head, but only because they can not look across their limited horizon and pre-consolidated opinion. Nevertheless, it is and remains a fact that every woman's leg, and no matter how beautiful, by a delicate tights may additionally be embellished.

How so? Others do it before but celebrities and can not be fooled: only without stocking is beautiful. - It may be so, but only at 35 ° in the shade and on the beach.

Best of intuition Example: High School Prom.

Hundreds of pretty legs

Anyone who has the opportunity to go to a graduation ball once, that should definitely do. On the one hand there possibly 40-50 high school graduates and as many girlfriends of high school seniors and their mothers, siblings, etc. That there are not only seen a lot of nice clothes and shoes, but also lots of pretty legs.

Normally, you see relatively quickly that lady is wearing a pantyhose and which are not. Just fits to either pumps or sandals in many different designs and heel heights. Fortunately, many of these young ladies is the silly saying 'yes that's sometimes not' matter, and they draw despite sandals to a tights.

The result could not fail clearer. The fact that the majority of young women wore tights, bare legs are noticed immediately. Well noticed, these related to girls aged 19 or 20 years, who indeed inherently more beautiful legs. Nevertheless, the differences were clearly visible and thus got the fine stockinged legs most looks.


Sure, I'm all for tights, but even my wife, who is more unlikely to tights, then said: 'it gives me and my daughter so reluctant law but with tights it looks clearly better' - and that's saying something with her. Even more interesting is the comparison with the mothers had been. Here the difference between pretty and ugly bony has been even worse. Maybe they wanted their daughters steal just not the show.

Who still proclaims loudly in the face of such vivid comparisons: 'only without stocking is beautiful', which is unfortunately no longer help.

On the other hand, should of course everyone must tighten as he wants it. The right I claim for myself, too. And if women find it more beautiful with bare legs, then they should also be allowed the. Only they will always stand out in direct comparison with a fine-stockinged leg, and is rarely fall in favor of the bare leg.


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