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What is a recommended tights?

Many women (and men) have in principle no real idea about what should have good tights for features. Try a pair of tights after the other and get stuck into a model. Often, only the purse determines the personal favorite.

The problem here is that the supposedly cheap model can be more expensive overall than good brand goods. More expensive models typically last and usually offer a much higher comfort. In addition, they look better and feel better. To buy a new cheap tights instead of every other day, one usually several weeks his enjoyment of a branded product. That whole, the more expensive model in the end is cheaper.

The reviews on this website are therefore a treasure trove and a good decision-making aid. They impressively demonstrate the properties you would expect from a model. Of course each person has their own ideas and feelings, so that these reviews are not to be regarded as an absolute dogma, but merely as a quality comparison, which was always written the same conditions and criteria under (almost).

Tights reviews as an aid

For the women who have so far not had any thoughts about equipment details of tights, these reviews will be particularly intersting. The criteria and details are thought-provoking, because they really do exist, these sometimes very large differences in the quality tights.

The evaluation items are a mix of objective and subjective criteria. Objective is, for example, whether a pair of tights has a flat seam or not. Subjectively, for example, My personal feeling when wearing comfort. Where it is pretty clear whether a pantyhose feels soft or rather firmly on the leg. What also those points get back their objectivity back.

It is important to specify that the results are comparable. Whether my personal assessment of the stated price / performance ratio for other guests as well, but was undecided and can be assessed by any self.

A small clue as to which properties are to be expected from a certain brand, or with which weak points to be reckoned with, is also to be found.

Note to the test reports

Meanwhile, all reviews are entered into a database. That You can view the test reports according to various criteria themselves can be put together.

As a guide, but I also use to implement various price ranges. That when I am looking for a pair of tights for about 5 euros, I do not need models of Wolford or Falke to display, which are significantly more expensive.

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Order directly


As a special service appears a shopping basket with most test reports. This is a direct link to the online shop, which has donated this model. If you like a review and you might be interested in this product, I would ask you to use this link for your purchase. You will thus help to direct that the reviews remain relevant in the future. Thank you!

Independent reviews

It is also important to stress again that all results are nevertheless independent of a sponsor. Donated models or possible commission not lead to a better result. I may not get any money for my reviews. Besides the two previously mentioned types I get no more support for my site. Therefore, it is also important that the links will be used on the cart.

The objection, which I had read on a forum once "sponsored models are rated better," so baseless and is utterly nonsensical. Because I can a model indeed concede a slightly better comfort, but not solid properties. That either has a model of a flat seam or not.

The second accusation that my test results are not reliable (good models to land back and vice versa) is just as baseless. Subjectively, everyone likes a different model review, but since I rate all models in the same way, this would affect all models.

Let you advise ... (1)

My reviews are certainly a good basis on which to dar. Based on this knowledge about a particular tights is much easier to find the right individual or model to buy. However, other issues remain.

That's why I always recommend the advice from a specialist shop. Especially if someone is unsure about the size or specific material properties. You can either long want until you have found the right tights or however one goes straight to a shop. And with the basic knowledge from the test reports, you can ask targeted.

But even those who have no longer needed counseling, should still go to a shop. On one hand, no more than in a large department store pays here too, and on the other hand you support the 'small traders', in the hope that it will give him some time.

Another reason is the way of course, the nice conversation with the seller. Possibly. also shows that you know the customer more about tights - which is then an interesting conversation. In any case there is no better way to buy tights.

Straight men should also seek advice. Only if the seller learns that the pantyhose is for themselves and not for the female partner, only then they can see that in fact there is demand. Only the sellers can pass on this fact also to the representatives of the manufacturers. Perhaps this watch even one day but still on.

Let you advise ... (2)

Stockings Stores

Since I prefer to purchases in a hosiery boutique personally, I have put on the following page is a list together, where you can find good shops. Since this course will be extended, I would ask to email me good addresses (specifying the range).

online Stores

In online shops there are of course no direct consultation with pretty shop assistant and grip patterns. Nevertheless, there is certainly also stores that can be asked for certain models at least in advance by mail. If after consulting an incorrect model to buy, there is usually the 14-day return policy. In 'normal' shops such thing usually goes. It is important, however, that it should be understood that open or even worn hosiery can not be exchanged. For by the products are useless.

Buy cheap tights

In addition to various special offers available from time to time (especially when a change of collection), there is also the possibility to zoom in a Werksverkaufan priced models to come. The following page provides an overview which manufacturer a factory outlet offers.


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